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Kai –

Battle record and career

In 2010, Billabong Surfing Games -presented by SURFING'LIFE Signed with Billabong after finishing tied for 6th place in the Pro-Am category.

From 2011 to 2014, he participated in domestic and international tournaments such as JPSA and wqs, mainly tournaments organized by Billabong. 
He also accompanied Takumi Nakamura to King of Grom 2012 in France as an interpreter and coach.

In 2015, he was the local coordinator of the Billabong Aus team in Miyazaki at the #Realaxe Japan Ver of STAB magazine.
In addition, in the same year, lighting photos began to be posted in Kazuaki Kuroki's "Colors of Miyazaki" played on a monitor in Miyazaki Airport. (Still posted as of 2022)

2019 Laura Enever "FILM" – KNOW THE FEELING japan ver local coordinator.

I have been a guide for 12 years.
Currently, he does not participate in the contest and is active as a freelance surfer.

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In order for our customers to have a good time, we will guide surfers and customers around the world with a smile without excessive measures against infectious diseases.
I hope you can make many pleasant memories in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is warm and open all year round.

Representative Uehara